Professional Paranormal Investigating

Kalispell, Montana

We are paranormal investigators first and foremost. We will investigate any claims of paranormal activity in the "debunking" fashion. Which means we will try to disprove any such claims within reason. We investigate homes, businesses, cemeteries, historical sites for anyone who needs help with their paranormal situations. We service  Flathead, Lincoln and Lake counties. We are also willing to service other counties that are in close proximity. We never charge for our services, however, we do accept donations to help offset travel cost.
Each member of our group has their own unique talents and strengths they bring to the group, and each has their own personal experiences and reasons as to why they are here. We all share one important thing in common... we all share a passion to learn all we can about the paranormal so we can help people just like YOU.  It is our desire to help you understand why the activity is happening and what you can do about it. 

 We do want to make one thing very clear, we will do everything in our power to help you with your paranormal situation, but we CAN NOT guarantee that we can get rid of them. We can TRY,  however, it is NEVER a sure bet. Sometimes we can get them to cross over where they should be, but sometimes they just are not ready to move on yet. In those cases, the best we can do is lay down some boundaries and ground rules and teach you how to "co-exist". In any case, we will help you to understand what you need to do to take back your home and power over the situation.. We do have a medium that will conduct a walk through before the investigation begins if you, the client, would like.

WE DO NOT perform exorcisms, perform seances, nor do we use or advocate the use of Ouiji Boards!

We can give you a better understanding of the paranormal activity in your home, should we find it does exist. We can give you our opinion about whether or not you and your family are in any danger. We can, and do, at times perform smudge ceremonies in your home to remove negative energies. This is known as a  "house cleansing". It just depends on what we find after going through our evidence of the investigation, and what the client feels comfortable with.

Our purpose is to gain a better understanding of paranormal phenomenon in order to help others. The knowledge we gain working on every case assures us that we can help someone else down the road.

We analyze all data collected and then present you with our findings and opinions. We hold confidentiality to the highest regards, unless written consent is garnered, no information will be released to the public.

If you need our help, or know of someone who does, please contact us for a confidential interview today.